Facts About Sperm

Sperm Used to Write a Secret Message
Did have a function other than sperm to fertilize the egg cells-egg women through the process of intercourse. Sperm was used as a transparent ink is most effective because it is not detected by iodine vapor.
British spy agency MI6 or use the sperm to write secret messages during World War I. Fearing the enemy out, the M16 trying to find a formula for writing secret messages without detectable iodine vapor which was then the most advanced methods of detecting secret messages.
This was revealed in the diary of a deputy head of military intelligence in France, Walter Kirke. In a note in June 1915, he revealed the existence of demand for opaque inks that are not easily detected from the highest leadership of MI6 told scientists at London University.
As quoted from the Telegraph, Wednesday (09/22/2010), the request was finally received a response in October 1915. In a response letter, the scientists were only suggested that a secret message written in a fluid that is very easy to get the sperm or semen.
The diary also reveals how happy the leader whose name was withheld when he gets an answer. Besides being easy to obtain, test results showed no sperm detected by iodine vapor.
This trick only find few obstacles, such as a spy agency removed from where he served as a laughingstock when caught using the sperm to write. The agents also should always remember to not use stale sperm if you do not want to spend his writings odor.
The records published in the book MI6: The History of the Secret Intelligence Service from 1909 to 1949 the work of Prof. Keith Jeffery. The book was launched Tuesday, September 21, 2010 and will be loaded by serialized in the British publication, The Times.
Here are interesting facts about the semen:
1. Healthy men produce 70 million to 150 million sperm cells per day.
With such a large production capacity, a secret agent does not have to worry about running out of ink.
2. A person's diet affects the smell of sperm.
If you do not want the ink smells, a secret agent should reduce the consumption of red meat, milk, onions and coffee and the emphasis on eating fruits.
3. Sperm cell takes 10 days to ripen up and able to survive up to 2 weeks prior to release through ejaculation and wet dreams.
4. The number of sperm in the ejaculate fluid just 10 percent, the remainder consisting of various nutrients such as vitamin C, calcium, protein, sodium, zinc, citric acid and sugar.
5. Compared to a day of production capacity, the number of sperm cells released in a single ejaculate is very much that is approximately 3 times that.
Therefore to get a quality ink, a secret agent advised not too frequent ejaculation.
6. Semen will never run out.
It is quite justified, because according to experts, men only need a minimum of 15 minutes to increase the amount of semen after ejaculation. (Up / ir)
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